Jamia Masjid the modern elements in its architecture to create a contemporary space for over a thousand people to pray. This mosque is unique in the adjoining areas and is to set to be one of the most beautiful ones amongst them


 At LGS Al-Rehman Campus we aim to challenge our students, knowing they will rise to the occasion. We aspire to provide as many opportunities as possible to explore, make choices and learn about themselves and each other. We want them to learn to inquire, reflect and discuss; to think critically, ask meaningful questions, listen with an open mind and to learn the skills needed to find solutions and solve problems for themselves. Above all else, we want them to enjoy themselves and to be involved, responsible, respectful citizens of their class, school and society.


We believe that the best exercise which keeps human healthy is walk and jogging though we created one of the most beautiful park for the members of our society . These parks are for families to enjoy and spend time together.


ALREHMAN HOSPITAL  is a health care institution providing providing patient treatment with specialized medical and nursing staff and medical equipment.Our hospital services are available for the people as we believe it is our duty serve the people with best health fascilities.


Pairing the towering ambitions of Lahore with a unique and vibrant lifestyle, Lahore captures the imagination like no other place in the world. Taking pride of place in this impressive development is Square Mall a project of AL-REHMAN DEVELOPERS, modern, thoughtfully designed  for the shopping, leisure and lifestyle pursuits of the community’s residents and visitors, as well as for fascinated tourists seeking the very best that the city has to offer

Sui Gas

We at AL-REHMAN Garden has never disapointed our precious residents and always took the initiatives to make the life style batter thus by installing the government sui gas there is no gas problems , here at AL-REHMAN Gardens there is a constant supply of gas .

Al-REHMAN Power Plant

AL-REHMAN Garden is one of the those societies which has always worked for their people and has made life easier  though another initiative taken by the  ALREHMAN developers is the installation of Power plant which provides the non stop electricity to the society, making life easier.



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